Quick, social videos of your life

Moovee is the iPhone app that lets you capture life on the fly. Stay connected to family and friends, explore channels, or travel the globe in search of new video experiences.

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  • “ Moovee has reinvented the video ”
  • “ The best way to share life's little moments with family and friends ”
  • “ It's official - I'm addicted. I find myself checking my Moovee feed all the time ”

It's Just 10 Seconds

Since Moovee is about capturing the daily moments in your life, we didn't want a big commitment - each moovee is just 10 seconds. Just imagine how much sharing just one moovee a day could do, especially to the people who care about you.


Little Moovees Become Big Channels

Ready for some moovee magic? Our channels automatically collect moovees by themes: friends, specific tags, geography, or even Foursquare locations. Add friends and channels to your feed, and always have the latest moovees ready to watch.


Share Your Way

We make it easy to share your favorite moovees. Choose from email, text, Facebook, and Twitter, or copy a moovee link and send it any way you like. Shared moovees are viewable online, so even those who don't have the app (yet) can watch all the cool stuff you send.